Be a Jesuit

Dear Jesuit woman, have you had this experience?

You are browsing the latest issue of your Catholic magazine, or your province’s quarterly magazine, or a Facebook page, or the pamphlets and cards on the literature table at your university chapel or ministry office.

“Be a Jesuit,” the ad proclaims.  Yes!  Your heart says.  And then a familiar icy-hot hand clamps down on your heart and your stomach, because you know the invitation is not addressed to you.  Is there a little wave of nausea, a sense of defeat?  A flare of resentment?  A passing desolation?

If so, please allow me to inquire into the thought that animates that burning-cold grip on your heart.  Is it true?  Can you absolutely know that it is true, that this invitation is not addressed to you?  This question doesn’t have a right answer.  It’s yours to explore.   Now feel free to pause for a moment (or a few days, or a few weeks) with your own answer before reading this.