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ignatius14Welcome, Jesuit women!  Over the last 478 years, you have been called patroness, “Jesuitess,” friend, sister, benefactor, lay colleague, partner in mission, “more Jesuit than a Jesuit,” and at least one code name (here’s the scoop on that interesting history!). But if you, like me, find yourself drawn to the phrase “Jesuit woman,” the most important question in your discernment may not be “What am I called?” but rather “Who is God calling me to be?”

This is an online space dedicated to your discernment.  It aspires to promote mutual support, shared vision, and the bold, patient willingness to be formed in prayer, study, community, and apostolic work.  Ours is a fascinating invitation from Jesus that is both historically precedented and a sign of the times – a sign of something new and good transpiring.  Please feel free to look around, comment, share resources, and get in touch with me.  I would like to hear about your journey, and invite you to follow mine.  Peace be with you.  Persevere!  And be assured of my prayers.

Ignatius the Pilgrim