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My name is Maggie.  I’m 35 years old and first conceived of a Jesuit women’s dialogue project as part of my personal discernment in 2014, when a 5-day Ignatian retreat surprised me with the call to investigate religious life in the Ignatian charism, and specifically, to “be a Jesuit.” At that time I was very touched by the vision of Jesuit Women, a network of women who recognize in one another a common call to “be Jesuits,” and who could support each other to become highly trained in the pursuit of God’s creative dream for our Society of Jesus, our Church and our world.  This website represents a first attempt at developing an online community for women who have felt this call, in order to better understand its possibility and promise, in a context of respect for the traditions of both my Catholic faith and my Jesuit education.  I will be honored to entertain any questions, concerns, or inspired suggestions regarding the project’s purpose and scope.

As is true of most creative experiments, this website is not the work of one person alone.  I cannot adequately thank all of the people who have touched my journey and contributed to what is written here, but would like to explicitly acknowledge, in a stream of consciousness: Anne, Jihane, Jocelyn, Mara, the two Lisas, Julia, Mary, Jennie, Amylyn, Juana, Mario, Bennie, Denise, Molly, Loretta, Margaret, Maggie, Rob, JJ, Kristi, Chaco, Katie, Linda, Rosalie, Eileen, Susan, Pam, Ryann, Sara, Robert, Meredith, Gemma, Nelda, Ida, Elsie, Barbara, Amy, Lainey, Izzy, Phyllis, Peg, Paula, Mary Pat, the two Jims, Vince, Fernando, the three Johns, Olga and Francisco Javier, Yesenia, Matt, Bart, Eustace, Barbara, Jake, Bill, Mark, Jorge, Felis, Billy, Tim, Patrick, Ryan, Erin, Martha, Tom, Joe, Rodney, Elisa, Derrick, Ken, Louis, Tony, Alex, Rosemary, Angel, Kyle, Dan, Sully, John, Jim, Orlando, Luanne, Randy, Drew, Mike, Luke, and Anonymous as friends and dialogue partners who have contributed, both knowingly and unknowingly, to any wisdom that is here.  All errors are my own.

Please take what inspires you, and if you are inspired to – let’s be in touch.


Madonna della Strada, pray for us!

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