Be a Jesuit.

If you want to be a Jesuit, I encourage you to take the desire seriously.  Begin the inquiry.   The most important decision you can make is whether to set foot on the path.

Once you have said yes, the Jesuit path has a way of sweeping you up and into itself, and your job becomes to keep saying “yes” to the God of life with all the careful discernment, humility, skill, presence, vision, and sense of adventure that are available to you in any given moment.  Your job becomes, when you can’t say yes, to reflect on why, and in what context a wholehearted yes seems impossible.  You do this with all the gentleness, compassion, and honesty that are available to you at that moment.  Along the way, you will learn how to continually ask God for what you want, and to tell Jesus what you think.  (He loves that!)  You will also learn how to compromise, and to let go of what is unnecessary.  (The pain is worth it.)  In this way you begin to live the question, who is a Jesuit woman?  And how was she made to help souls? In that same spirit of inquiry, I offer a prayer for us:

Loving God, make me a Jesuit woman.

You fashioned me wondrously.  Now let me be amazed, and grateful.

You fashioned me Christian.  Now let me put on the mind and priorities of Christ.

You fashioned me Catholic.  Now help me become an enlightened servicewoman, a humble ambassador of faith.

You baptized me priest, prophet, and king.  Now help me to bring these callings to every circumstance.

You made me beloved.  Now help me to treat all creatures as welcomed guests.

You made me human.  Now let me desire to be poor, humble, and vulnerable.

You gave me intelligence.  Now let me be highly trained in your service.

You gave me curiosity.  Now let me inquire and seek truth.

You gave me laughter.  Now let me bring joy.

You gave me compassion.  Now let me console.

You gave me yourself.  Now give me the grace to find you in all things.

I ask this through Christ our Lord,